Adobe previews new Photoshop feature that uses AI to select subjects



While Photoshop users have gotten pretty damn good at masking humans and other subjects over the years, it still remains one of the most tedious tasks in the app. But the days of Magic Wand masking will soon be over.

Adobe today teased an upcoming feature that uses AI to identify and automatically mask subjects in the image. The feature is called Select Subject and it uses Adobe’s AI platform, Sensei.

From the “Select and Mask” menu, simply click anywhere on the image and it will automatically identify and select the various subjects in the image. From there, the same tools to change the background or edit the subject are available.

Adobe teased the feature in a video, saying that it will be available in the next iteration of Photoshop.

That said, there’s no timeline for Photoshop future releases.

As Engadget notes, the Select Subject tool isn’t perfect and still has some trouble identifying fine details like strands of hair, but it should get better over time as the machine learning algorithm takes in more data.

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